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The Kihani community (Uganda) has written a letter, addressed to all the benefactors of the Well4Africa initiative. In their letter they first describe the horrific situation of the community before the installation of the water borehole. Water used to be fetched from stagnant superficial water basins that were far away but, moreover, the water there was unclean and caused many illnesses (diarrhea, cholera and others) or even death for many men, women and elder, especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. Lack of clean and sufficient water has been a problem that caused families to leave the community, children attacked by skin diseases because they could not wash clothes if there was no rain.

The second part of the letter describes the immense joy of the community members and the radically changed situation. The new water supply system started operating around the time of Easter, therefore, the people experienced a true resurrection into a new life, where the available and clean water has transformed the community life in every way. Various level schools, Kihani parish and the community center now feel reborn because of the available water. Moreover, the water in the Well4Africa initiative financed system seems to be the cleanest in the surrounding territory and it is distributed on a rather vast area, thus making the Kihani also able to help others in the surrounding districts. People from the Kihani community praise the Lord for giving them what they have so long felt the extreme need of and thank Him for showing so much love through brothers and sisters, who they send greatest greetings and love to in return.

See the full letter below.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3