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Kihani water project was implemented in three phases. First phase included excavation and construction of a shallow well, construction of a pump house, installation of a water pump, construction of 50.000 L capacity water tank at Kihani parish church, trenching and pipe laying from the well up to the church tank and further extended to St. Joseph’s primary school and St. Anne’s secondary school.

Second phase included construction of 50,000 L capacity water tank at St. Mary’s primary school, trenching and pipe laying from the well up to the primary tank and extension of water to two community villages of Irwaniro and Kitambeya, construction of tap stands and control chambers.

Third phase included extension of water line from St. Mary’s primary tank to Katunguru community village, Allied primary school, Katunguru community marketplace, Bright Model primary school, St. Anne’s staff quarters and Kagunga community village. In total there are 20 new water taps in the area.

Danson Kakwikire, chief engineer of Wapah Uganda 2015, a company that have implemented the project, assured that the water supply system has a five-year warranty. However, they will continue to consult the community free of charge even after this period expires. According to Mr. Kakwikire, the existing groundwater body is sufficient to satisfy the needs of the growing community for the following 40 years. Its potency is 40,000 litres in twenty hours.

The water supply system installed by “Well4Africa” initiative has made the access to safe drinking water a lot easier. The water supply system has facilitated the everyday life of more than 700 local people, especially women and children. The head of St. Anne‘s secondary school showed the construction site of a new school building, which will be necessary because more girls have started attending school after the installation of the water supply system.

On April 28, Sunday of Divine Mercy, a solemn Mass was celebrated in the parish, during which the water supply system was blessed. Secular Franciscans of all fraternity levels, project workers, engineers, students of the elementary and secondary schools and the entire village community attended the celebration. The people would not stop thanking the benefactors of the social initiative for the clean water closer to their homes.

  • The works have been implemented by “Wapah Uganda 2015“, December 2018 – May 2019.
  • The total amount of the project was 39 690 Eur.