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Initially, the “Well4Africa” project was supposed to be implemented in the eastern region of Zimbabwe: Manicaland (Nehumambi, Murambinda), but it was discontinued due to land issues in Murambinda has cancelled this first project. In June 2019, the National Council of the OFS Zimbabwe decided to change the location from Manicaland to Matebeland (the western region). St. Michael’s Masenyane, one of the out centres of Our Lady of Fatima Mission, was selected as an appropriate place for the “Well4Africa” water project to be implemented.

Masenyane is situated 180 km from Bulawayo (second largest city in Zimbabwe) and belongs to the diocese of Hwange. The diocese of Hwange falls in the 5th agricultural region (the driest area in Zimbabwe) where rainfall is very low and temperatures are very high. Community members of Masenyane village used to walk more than 10 km for water, often using unprotected water sources shared by both people and animals.

St. Michael’s Masenyane, served by the Capuchin Friars, is one of the centres where OFS has the highest number of the professed members. Capuchin Friars have offered a land site within the church premises for a “Well4Africa” borehole open to all people (OFS members, Catholics and all other people). Due to the Covid-19 situation, with all the travelling restrictions, it took a longer time than expected to see this project brought to reality.

“Well4Africa” has funded the installation of a manually-operated water borehole, a fence and a garden around the well. On 15 July 2020, the drilling down to 75 metres was completed. The project included full casing of the borehole, flashing and installation of the hand pump. According to the national health statutes of Zimbabwe, bush pump boreholes should be secured and protected from animals because of various diseases. Therefore, on 11 August, the feast of St. Clare of Assisi, a fence was built around the borehole. The people of Masenyane showed their unity and the whole community came forward to help. Beside the borehole, the local Franciscan community is going to plant a little garden for the OFS to promote the care of the environment in this area.

On 28 August, the well was blessed and dedicated to St. Peter with the presence of Our Lady of Fatima parish priest, Capuchin Friars, OFS members from St. Michael’s Masenyane.

  • The project was implemented from 4 June to 28 August 2020 by Shiloh Borehole Drillers.
  • The total amount of the project was USD 10,620.40.
  • The sustainable water supply for the Masenyane people will increase availability, accessibility and hygiene in this area.

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